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RBSTNI Equine Show Results 2019
Kerry Bog Ponies

1st Little Crazy Horse
Owned by Gay Keough, Co. Kildare
2nd Dreamtime Mouse
Owned by Mary McGrath, Co. Kildare
3rd Rickamore Honey Bee
Owned by Finola Mulholland, Lurgan

1st Ballydown Lady Jane
2nd her filly foal (as yet unnamed)
Both owned by Eddie Murtagh, Covey’s Clydesdales.

Pig Results 2019

Berkshire Breed

Class P3-Junior Gilt

1.Ernest Gregg, Broughshane      Champion

2.Ernest Gregg, Broughshane       Reserve

Saddleback Breed

Class P11-Sow

1.Diane Ruddock, Donaghcloney

2.Samara Radcliffe, Banbridge

Class P12-Senior Gilt

1.Diane Ruddock, Donaghcloney

2.Diane Ruddock, Donaghcloney

 Class P13-Junior Gilt

1.Samara Radcliffe, Banbridge            Reserve

Class P14-Senior Boar

1.Samara Radcliffe, Banbridge            Champion

Gloucester Old Spots Breed

Class P16-Sow any age

1.Stewart Family, Nuttscorner             Champion

Middle White Breed

Class P26-Sow any age

1.C & G Wright, Crossgar                      Reserve

2.C & G Wright, Crossgar

3.Ernest Gregg, Broughshane

Class 27-Senior Gilt

1.Ernest Gregg, Broughshane

2.Lisa Carrothers, Tempo

Class 28-Junior Gilt

1.Stewart Family, Nuttscorner

2.Stewart Family, Nuttscorner

3.C & G Wright, Crossgar

Class P29-Senior Boar

1.Ernest Gregg, Broughshane               Champion

2.C & G Wright, Crossgar

Class P30-Junior Boar

1.Stewart Family, Nuttscorner

Tamworth Breed

Class P32-Senior Gilt

1.Stewart Family, Nuttscorner                Champion

2.Ernest Gregg, Broughshane                  Reserve

Oxford Sandy & Black Breed

Class P37-Senior Gilt

1.Stewart Family, Crumlin

Class P38-Junior Gilt

1.Tannaghmore Farm, Lurgan           Reserve

Class P39-Senior Boar

1.Tannaghmore Farm, Lurgan

Class 40-Junior Boar

1.Tannaghmore Farm, Lurgan         Champion

Pig Young Handler

Class P41-under 15 years

1.Samara Radcliffe                             Champion

2.Darragh Stewart

3.Fraser Girvan

Class P42-16-18 years

1.Louise Stewart                                  Reserve

Class P43-Pairs

1.Tannaghmore Farm, Lurgan

2.Ernest Gregg, Broughshane

3.G. & C. Wright, Crossgar

Pig Interbreed Championship

1.Tannaghmore Farm, Lurgan 

Oxford Sandy & Black Junior Boar      

2.Ernest Gregg, Broughshane

Middle White Senior Boar

Sheep Show Section

Southdown Breed

Class S1-Ram

1.Alice Cochrane, Dromore                    Reserve

2.Alice Cochrane, Dromore

Class S2-Ewe

1.Alice Cochrane, Dromore                   Champion

Class S3-Ewe Lamb

1.Alice Cochrane, Dromore

Shortwool Breeds

Class S9-Ram any age

1.Lynda Hamilton, Omagh                       Reserve

2.Gareth McClenaghan, Ballymoney

3.Gareth McClenaghan, Ballymoney

Class S10-Ewe any age

1.Lynda Hamilton, Omagh                      Champion

Class S11-Ewe Lamb

1.Lynda Hamilton, Omagh

Class S12-Ram Lamb

1.Lynda Hamilton, Omagh

2.G & A Wright, Lisburn          

Longwool Breeds

Class S13-Ram any age

1.Dumhaca Teeswaters, Limavady          

Class S14-Ewe any age

1.John Mercer, Dromara                      Champion

2.John Mercer, Dromara

3.Dumhaca Teeswaters, Limavady

Class 15-Ewe Lamb

1.G & C Wright, Crossgar                      Reserve

Hill & Heath Breeds

Class 18-Ewe

1.Rebecca Irvine, Killinchy                   Champion

2.Rebecca Irvine, Killinchy                    Reserve

Any Other Breed

Class S21-Ram

1.Edward Adamson, Carrickfergus      Reserve

2.Philip Kelly, Markethill

3.R.J. McCauley, Dromore

Class S22-Ewe

1.Philip Kelly, Markethill                       Champion

2.Philip Kelly, Markethill

Class S23-Ewe Lamb

1.Philip Kelly, Markethill

Class S24-Ram Lamb

1.Philip Kelly, Markethill

Kerry Hill Breed

Class S26-Shearling Ram

1.R.J. McCauley, Dromore

Class S27-Ewe 2 shear & above

2.R.J. McCauley, Dromore                      Champion

Class S29-Ewe Lamb

1.Stephen Marshall, Enniskillen

2.R.J. McCauley, Dromore                       Reserve

3.R.J. McCauley, Dromore

Class S30-Ram Lamb

1.Stephen Marshall, Enniskillen

2.R.J. McCauley, Dromore

3.Stephen Marshall, Enniskillen

Class S31-Group of 3

1.R.J. McCauley, Dromore

Jacob Breed

Class 32-Ram 2 shear and above

1.Adam Parker, Kilcoo

2.Colhoun Family, Omagh

Class 33-Shearling Ram

1.Jimmy McGrath, Omagh                     Champion

2.Colhoun Family, Omagh                       Reserve

Class S34-Ewe 2 shear & above

1.Colhoun Family, Omagh

2.Jimmy McGrath, Omagh

3.Colhoun Family, Omagh

4.Adam Parker, Kilcoo

Class S35-Shearling Ewe

1.Colhoun Family, Omagh

2.Colhoun Family, Omagh

3.Paul Beatty, Aughnacloy

4.Jimmy McGrath, Omagh

Class S36-Ewe Lamb

1.Paul Beatty, Aughnacloy

2.Paul Beatty, Aughnacloy

3.Adam Parker, Kilcoo

4.Adam Parker, Kilcoo

Class S37-Ram Lamb

1.Jimmy McGrath, Omagh

2.Adam Parker, Kilcoo

3.Adam Parker, Kilcoo

4.Paul Beatty, Aughnacloy

Interbreed Lamb Challenge

Class S38-Ram Lamb

1.Lynda Hamilton, Omagh-Oxford Down

2.Colhoun Family, Omagh-Jacob

3.Stephen Marshall, Enniskillen-Kerryhill

Class S39-Ewe Lamb

1.Lynda Hamilton, Omagh-Oxford Down

2.G & C Wright, Enniskillen-Leicester Longwool

3.Stephen Marshall, Enniskillen-Jacob

Sheep Junior Handler

Class 40-Under 15

1.Lee Marshall                Reserve

2.Mia Beattie

3.Archie Marshall

Class S41-15 TO 18

1.Alex Colhoun              Champion

2.Alice Cochrane

3.Adam Parker

Sheep Derby Championship

1.Lynda Hamilton-Oxford Down Ewe

2.Philip Kelly-Galway Ewe

Sheep Interbreed Championship 2019

1.Lynda Hamilton-Oxford Down Ewe

2.Alice Cochrane-Southdown Ewe

Fleece Competition

Class S42-Longwool

1.Freda Magill, Rathfriland, Wensleydale                   Champion

2.Freda Magill, Rathfriland, Galway

3.Freda Magill, Rathfriland, Blue FacedLeicester

Class S44-Coloured

1.Freda Magill, Rathfriland, Hebridean                         Reserve              

Cattle Show Section

Dexter Breed

Class 17-Cow (dry)

1.James McCullough, Holywood            Reserve

2.Patrick McAreavey, Lisburn

3.Willeen Monygomery, Comber

Class 18-Cow with calf at foot

1.Bloomer Family, Dungannon

2.Patrick McAreavey, Lisburn

3.James McCullough, Holywood

Class C19-Senior Heifer

1.Ryan Lavery, Aghalee

2.Ross McAlmont, Islandmagee

3.Willeen Monygomery, Comber

Class C20-Maiden Heifer

1.Stephen Alexander, Greyabbey

2.James McCullough, Holywood

3.Bloomer Family, Dungannon

Class C21-Bull

1.Bloomer Family, Dungannon               Champion

2.Ryan Lavery, Aghalee

3.Bloomer Family, Dungannon

C22-Heifer Calf

1.Patrick McAreavey, Lisburn                 Junior Champion

2.Willeen Monygomery, Comber

3.James McCullough, Holywood

C23-Bull Calf

1.Ryan Lavery, Aghalee                            Junior Reserve

2.Rachel Garrett, Carrickfergus

3.James McCullough, Holywood


1. Rachel Garrett, Carrickfergus

2.Willeen Monygomery, Comber

3.Stephen Alexander, Greyabbey

Irish Moiled Breed

Class 25-Cow

1.Robert Davis, Ballymena

2.Andrew McConnell, Glenwherry

3.Brian O’Kane, Martinstown

Class 26-Senior Heifer

1.Brian McCrory, Dromore                  Senior Champion

2.Andrew McConnell, Glenwherry

3.Brian McCrory, Dromore

Class 27-Junior Heifer

1.N & M Moilies, Dungannon              Junior Champion    Breed Champion

2.Bloomer Family, Dungannon            Junior Reserve

3.Brian McCrory, Dromore

C28-Senior Bull

1.Brian O’Kane, Martinstown              Senior Reserve

2.Rachel Armour, Maghera

Class C29-Junior Bull

1.Brian O’Kane, Martinstown

2.N & M Moilies, Dungannon

C30-Heifer Calf

1.Robert Boyle, Millisle                Calf Champion     Breed Reserve

2.Brian O’Kane, Martinstown

3.Robert Davis, Ballymena

C31-Bull Calf

1.Robert Boyle, Millisle               Calf Reserve

2.Brian O’Kane, Martinstown


1.Brian McCrory, Dromore

2.Bloomer Family, Dungannon

2.Andrew McConnell, Glenwherry

Belted Galloway Breed

Class C7-Maiden Heifer

1.Bavan Livestock, Mayobridge     Champion

Senior Derby

1.Bavan Livestock, Mayobridge  Belted Galloway Heifer

2.Bloomer Family, Dungannon    Dexter Bull

Junior Derby

1.N & M Moilies, Dungannon      Irish Moiled Heifer

2.Brian O’Kane, Martinstown      Irish Moiled Bull

Calf Derby

1.Robert Boyle, Millisle              Irish Moiled Heifer

2.Rachel Armour, Maghera       Irish Moiled Heifer

Interbreed Pairs

1.Rachel Armour, Maghera         Irish Moiled

2.Bloomer Family, Dungannon   Dexter

Young Handler

1.Alannah Bloomer

2.Jake Bloomer

3.Matthew Bloomer

Cattle Interbreed Championship 2019

1.N & M Moilies, Dungannon             Irish Moiled Heifer

2.Bloomer Family, Dungannon           Dexter Bull

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